About me

Dr Gisele Fernandes
Clinical Psychologist & CBT Psychotherapist

I am a clinician trained at doctoral level in the UK and I am deeply passionate about supporting those I work with to improve their emotional wellbeing.

Working for 17 years in the NHS and being trained as a Clinical Psychologist I bring expertise and experience to my clinical practice.

Having facilitated significant changes of improved psychological well being for hundreds of people throughout my line of work, I’m deeply committed to helping people find lasting change and freedom in their lives.

My Approach

I endeavour to offer a non-judgemental, supportive and collaborative therapeutic space. I am curious and deeply interested about people and their lives. At the same time, I encourage clients in taking a step back and being curious about their own experiences.

All in all, it is your space for self-care and self-reflection.

In my work, I tap into and focus on the strengths, skills and abilities, such as courage, resilience and commitment that people have and are pivotal to achieving positive change. At the same time, my interest in Narrative and Systemic approaches to therapy, mean that I make sense of difficulties by taking account of the broader context of people’s lives. This often reduces the sense of blame and isolation and instead encourages a deeper sense of exploration and understanding.

With my clients, through deep exploration and reflection, I guide them through the process to becoming freer from whatever it is that maintains their distress and more accepting of their experience – which can unlock true potential to live the life they truly desire for themselves

My motivation

I believe

that people need to be deeply listened to and that the journey of self-exploration is one of the most important journeys we can embark on.

I stand

for deep transformation and acceptance which can often be difficult and painful whilst however being deeply rewarding and life changing.

My goal

is to be present and be supportive of your therapeutic journey.

My approach

is imbued with a deep respect and appreciation for people and their experiences and a belief that emotional difficulties are inevitable but can be overcome.

I believe

in the importance of the therapeutic relationship to support you in achieving the changes that you want and I believe that this process is aided by principles of collaboration, problem solving and hope.

Let's connect

Whether you are looking for psychological therapy to resolve emotional distress or you have been wanting to dedicate some time to improving further your emotional wellbeing, I am a click away for a chat.