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Helping professionals who lack self-belief, improve their self-esteem and confidence

About you

You’ve probably been through a myriad of experiences, some positive and others less so.

You might feel like you have some control over some areas of your life but in other areas, you might feel lost and like you’re losing control (or your mind).

This might be occupying a great deal of your time and your mind.

It’s likely that at times during your life journey, because of lived experience, you arrived at difficult places. Often, whatever the nature of the difficulty, a sense of isolation, despair and disconnection can prevail. This is a common experience throughout humanity and throughout time.

It is in the act of reflecting and sharing that we can expand and extend our natural capacity for creating meaning about ourselves and our lives.

It is also in this process that we can experience less isolation and more acceptance and contentment with who we are, of others and our shared lived experience. At the same time, we can be freer and move towards our preferred choices.

Support Services


I offer online psychological therapy to individuals, couples and group therapy. My focus is on prevention and using people’s existing strengths and motivation to help them achieve their therapeutic goals.

My specialism is helping high achieving professionals improve their self-esteem and self-confidence. In addition, I also work with a range of other difficulties such as depression, anxiety problems, relationship issues, stress at work and bereavement. See below for other types of sessions I offer.

Other Services

In addition to psychological therapy services I also offer support services to organisations on a range of mental health topics as well as support to mental health professionals through

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Mental Health MOT

Mental health is part of everyone’s life and it may be beneficial for adults to have a check-up of their emotional wellbeing at points in their lives.

Life Lessons

What is life teaching you that you would like to explore and discuss in a confidential space? What lessons has life taught you that you would like to spend some time reflecting on?

A Conversation About Emotions

Do you know why you feel the things you do? Do you like to learn more about emotions? Are there emotions that you struggle with and you would like to understand and manage them better?

Dr Gisele Fernandes

About me

I am a clinical psychologist with 20 years of experience in the field of mental health helping those I work with to improve their emotional wellbeing.

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Whether you are looking for psychological therapy to resolve emotional distress or you have been wanting to dedicate some time to improving further your emotional wellbeing, I am a click away for a chat.